High definition flat panels, video walls and large video projection screens can be used at any event to customize the room and setup. At a Wedding, they can be utilized to show artfully created montages of childhood photographs, photos of your guests taken that same day, edited “day off ceremony recaps”, and more... these visual enhancements are a hit at any social gathering. You and your guests can enjoy viewing these moments on high definition screens as they are happening in real time... and all images will be available for you, on a personalized flash drive, at the end of the night! We also offer a password-protected website gallery where your guests can easily download their favorite images.

At a Corporate gala and other large event, screens are often used for power point/keynote presentation, presenting informative videos and live simulcasting. We offer broadcast quality cameras, cameramen and spotlighting for live simulcasting, Here is why : If you are having an event for 1000 people not everyone will have a great seat near the podium while speeches are taking place. With large video walls, projection screens or high definition flat panels setup in key areas, everyones seat will be a great seat. We have worked for many well known corporations and are experts in corporate galas and events. Here are some pictures below.